Working Groups & Initiatives

One way in which the U.S. Coral Reef Task Force (USCRTF) works to accomplish its mission and implement projects and activities is through the coordination of smaller, issue specific working groups. USCRTF working groups have been created for several purposes, which include the development of the National Action Plan and to direct the actions and fulfill the goals of a particular resolution.

The following working groups were established to develop the National Action Plan to Conserve Coral Reefs, the first national blueprint for U.S. domestic and international action to address the growing coral reef crisis. These working groups compiled the state of knowledge and developed plans to support collaborative actions of their members and partner organizations. While no longer active, the working groups remain fully engaged in USCRTF activities .

The following working groups were established in response to a USCRTF Resolution, action item, or identified need of its members and partners: