37th Meeting, Washington D.C.
February 2017

Registration and Meeting Information

Please note, the 37th USCRTF Business meeting will be held at the Department of the Interior's South Building on 1925 Constitution Ave, Washington DC.

Business meeting agenda (as of Feb 07, 2017). The business meeting is open to the public.

Summary notes from 37th USCRTF Business meeting

Weekly Agenda (as of Feb 07, 2017). Working group meetings are by invitation only.


U.S. All Islands Coral Reef Committee Chair's Report

Steering Committee Update by SC Co-Chairs

  • Liza Johnson, DOI
  • Jason Philibotte, NOAA

Presentation—Rollout of the USCRTF Handbook on Coral Reef Impacts: Avoidance, Minimization, Compensatory Mitigation and Restoration

  • Cindy Barger, ASA(CW)
  • Gerry Davis, NOAA
  • Paige Rothenberger, contractor

Presentation—Coral Restoration—why we should be hopeful

  • Dr. Luis Solorzano, The Nature Conservancy

Coral Bleaching Report

  • Dr. Mark Eakin, NOAA

International Coral Reef Initiative 31st Annual General Meeting report out

  • Christine Dawson, DOS
  • Britt Parker, NOAA

Presentation—Flood Protection Savings Provided by Coral Reefs

  • Dr. Mike Beck, The Nature Conservancy

Presentation—Harnessing Basic Science to Advance Solutions for Coral Reefs

  • Dr. Ruth Gates, Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology