36th Meeting, Marianas,
September 2016


  1. Guam and CNMI Watershed Projects
    1. Talakhaya Watershed—Dr. Lyza Johnston and Autumn Poisson, CNMI Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality
    2. Garapan Watershed—Kathryn Graziano, CNMI Bureau of Environmental and Coastal Quality
    3. Manell-Geus Watershed—Anna Simeon, Guam Bureau of Statistics and Plans
    4. Humåtak Watershed—Dr. Austin Shelton, University of Guam Sea Grant Program
  2. US All Islands Coral Reef Committe Chair's Report
    • Fran Castro, AIC Chair, CNMI
  3. Steering Committee Update by SC Co-Chairs
    • Liza Johnson, DOI
    • Jennifer Koss, NOAA
  4. The future of corals and coral reefs with climate and ocean chemistry changes
    • Dr. Charles Birkeland, University of Hawaii at Mānoa
  5. Update on Reimaanlok
    • Don Hess- (retired) formerly Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs, College of the Marshall Islands
    • Mark Stege- Executive Director Marshall Islands Conservation Society
    • Emma Kabua-Tibon - Coastal Fisheries Conservation Officer
    • Benedict Yamamura - Coastal Fisheries Information Officer
  6. Status of Micronesian Reefs
    1. David Burdick—Guam Coral Reef Monitoring Program
    2. Marlowe Sabater—Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council
    3. Dr. Peter Houk, University of Guam Marine Laboratory
  7. Climate Change and Coral Reefs
    1. Dr. Mark Eakin, NOAA Satellite Oceanography & Climatology Division
    2. Dr. Laurie Raymundo, University of Guam Marine Laboratory
    3. Dr. Rusty Brainard, NOAA Coral Reef Ecosystem Division
  8. Highlights of the Micronesia Challenge (MC): A Decade of Implementing and Inspiring Conservation
    1. Vangie Lujan, Guam Micronesia Challenge Focal Point
    2. Trina Leberer, The Nature Conservancy, Pacific Division
    3. William Kostka, Micronesia Conservation Trust
    4. Michael Lameier—NOAA PIMPAC
  9. Manell-Geus Habitat Blue Print Area
    • Valerie Brown, NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service- Guam
  10. Working Group Reports
    1. Watershed Workshop report out 36th USCRTF
    2. Enforcement Working Group Report Out 36 USCRTF