Twenty-fourth Meeting Saipan, commonwealth of the northern mariana islands, September 13-16


Governors' Presentations

Governor Benigno R. Fitial, CNMI

Governor Felix P. Camacho, Guam

Governor Togiola Tulafono, American Samoa


Steering Committee Update

All Islands Committee Update

Climate Change Working Group Update

Micronesia Challenge

Jurisdiction Update: CNMI - Fran Castro

Jurisdiction Update: Guam - Vangie Lujan

Jurisdiction Update: FSM - Marion Henry

Jurisdiction Update: Palau - Sebastian Marino

Jurisdiction Update: Marshall Islands - Yumiko Crisostomo

Measures Update - Dr. Peter Houk, Pacific Marine Resources Institute

Sustainable Finance - Willy Kostka, Micronesia Conservation Trust

Communications - Dan Ho, Micronesia Challenge

Regional Support Team - Trina Leberer, The Nature Conservancy, Micronesia

Micronesians in Island Conservation - Sam Sablan, MINA

Pacific Islands Managed and Protected Area Communities - Isao Frank, Micronesia Conservation Trust

Locally Managed Marine Area - Delegate Wayne Andrew, Palau

Young Champion - Sharisse Rivera, CNMI

Other Presentations

Conservation Efforts in Micronesia: Blending Traditional and Modern Management - Noah Idechong, Palau

New Coral Reef Restoration in Hawaii: Building a Foundation for the Future - Laura Thielen, Hawaii

Informational Update to the USCRTF on the Military Buildup and Guam's Coral Resources - Captain Peter Lynch, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Marianas

Keynote Speech: Coral Reefs of Micronesia and Their Future - Dr. Robert van Woesik, Florida Institute of Technology

National Ocean Policy - Terry Holman, U.S. Departement of the Interior

Landscape Conservation Cooperatives - Loyal Mehrhoff, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

In the Ring - Mark Defley, Marianas Resource Conservation and Development Council