Twenty-Second Meeting, San Juan, Puerto Rico, October 30- November 5, 2009



Steering Committee

All Islands Committee

USCRTF Climate Change Working Group Response to the Honolulu Declaration on Ocean Acidification and Reef Management

Update on the Success of No-Take Reserves

Successful Trends in the Ecological Reserves in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Puerto Rico No-Take Reserves

Special Session: Report on Local Action Strategies & Jurisdiction Management Priorities

Federal Agency Support for the LAS Initiative

Perspective on Federal Agency Support for the Local Action Strategies

Jurisdiction Perspective on Federal Support for Local Action Strategies

Special Session- Caribbean Region Highlights

Born in the Wrong Sea...Lionfish in the Tropical Western Atlantic

Marine Debris Stresses on Coral and Coordinated Actions Towards "Stress Reduction"

Caribbean Challenge Update

Update on the Acropora Recovery Plan

Vessel Grounding in the US Caribbean

Special Session- The USCRTF and Watersheds: Partnering Against
Land- Based Sources of Pollution

La Parguera

The Coral Reef of South Moloka`i, Hawai`i

Jobos bay Conservation Effects Assessment Project: Partnership Success Story

Partnering Against Land Based Sources of Pollution

Coral Threat Mitigation Panel

Corps of Engineers Mitigation Rule Overview

Functional Coral Reef Assessment

CWA Compensatory Mitigation

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Funds for Coral

NOAA Habitat Restoration ARRA Coral Projects

Public Comment

South Florida Audubon Society

Cry of the Water


Sierra Club

Sierra Club, Puerto Rico

George Cavros, Esq.

Dr. Raymond F. McAllister

Palm Beach County Reef Rescue

Osmoldo Romero, Citizen

Evelyn Martinez-Clark, San Juan Government

Kristal Ibarra Rodriguez, Citizen

Ricardo de Soto, Citizen

Billy Causey, NOAA

Francisco Lopez Mujica, Citizen

Ricardo Laureano, Citizen

Mario Perez, Citizen


Recreational Stewardship


Watersheds and Partnerships

Agenda (en espanol)

Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008

Rio Loco Coral Reef Watershed Management Project

Coral Bay Watershed Management Project: Being a Partner & Building Partnerships

Coral Reef Grants Workshop

Watershed Resource Planning and Management Tools

Scuba Dogs Marine Debris Project

National Fish and Wildlife Foundation

Resource List

Guanica Watershed Management Plan Implementation Update

Island Watersheds: Characteristics and Threats

US Fish and Wildlife Service Partners for Fish and Wildlife and Coastal Programs


Using Socioeconomic Information for Management in the US Caribbean

Workshop Summary and Accomplishments

Boqueron Wildlife Refuge

Jobos Bay Socioeconomic Monitoring

SocMon and Resource Management in Puerto Rico

Tortugero Lagoon Natural Reserve


Restoration: Montastrea and Acropera


Recommendations to the USCRTF from Speakers and Public

Endangered Species Listing Process

Status of the Acropera palmata coral reef system at the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve in Rincon, Puerto Rico

Status of Montastraea from coral reefs in natural reserves of Puerto Rico

spp. Coral Farming and Restoration Activities: Lessons Learned and Recommendations

Status if the Montastraea annularis species complex: Lesson Learned and Recommendations

Suggested Recommendations Regarding Acropora and Montastraea by Edwin Hernandez-Delgado

Success of No-Take Reserves

Spatial Variation in Stressors Affecting Elkhorn Coral in Puerto Rico