Appendix C: Public Comment and Exhibitors

The following individuals and organizations provided public comment:

Dr. Ken Lindeman (Environmental Defense)

Mary Anne L. (CORALations)

Dr. Edwin Delgado (Asst. Professor, University of Puerto Rico)

John McManus (Director, NCCORE)

Dan Clark (Cry of the Water)

Richard Dodge (National Coral Reef Initiative)

David Rainey (Pacific NGO representative)

Ms. Ortiz (Caribbean Blue Flag Program)

Michelle Scharer (community-based NGO)

David Vosseler (Marine Aquarium Council)

Ricardo Desoto (Puerto Rico Surfrider)

Omar Perez Gill (Fisherman)

Ivan Lebo

Phil Duston (Cousteau Society)

The following organizations exhibited at the meeting:

Reef Check

National Center for Caribbean Coral Reef Research (NCORE)

National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration

USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service

Puerto Rico Department of Natural Resources

Department of Interior

Marine Aquarium Council

National Coral Reef Institute

Department of Defense

PBSJ Consulting